Electrical Outlet Home Inspections in Loudoun

Electrical Outlet Home Inspections in Loudoun – A Vital Checkup Before You Buy a Home Electrical outlets…they’re a part of our homes that many of us take for granted until, poof, one doesn’t provide the juice we need, or worse, we’re dealt a surprise shock. Certified home inspectors check many aspects of a property’s electrical […]

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A-Pro Inspection Services:

Information on Each Type of Inspection Home Buyers Inspection (Pre-Purchase Home Inspection)  A standard pre-purchase home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and major interior systems of a residential building, much like a physical exam that your doctor may perform on you. However, it should be clearly understood that a home inspection […]

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House Foundation

A-Pro Home Inspections include a comprehensive analysis of the home’s foundation system as part of the Structural Systems Analysis. Your A-Pro Home Inspector will describe through their reporting the visible conditions discovered relating to the foundation such as: – Comprehensive Foundation Level that shows the high and low points of the foundation – Foundation Cracks – Visible Foundation […]

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The purpose of a structural analysis is to provide our clients with a written opinion of the performance of the Structural Systems from top to bottom at the time of inspection including: • Foundation • Drainage and Grading around Foundation • Structure of Roof • Material of Roof Covering • Attic • Exterior Walls  

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