A-Pro Home Inspections include a comprehensive analysis of the home’s foundation system as part of the Structural Systems Analysis. Your A-Pro Home Inspector will describe through their reporting the visible conditions discovered relating to the foundation such as: 0218
– Comprehensive Foundation Level that shows the high and low points of the foundation
– Foundation Cracks
– Visible Foundation Deflections
– Slopping Floors
– Floor Movement
– Cracks within interior and exterior wall systems
– Doors and windows negatively impacted by home movement
– Framing components and trim negatively impacted by home movement

LIFETIME VALUE FOUNDATIONS                                            YEARS

Baseboard Waterproofing System                                          50
Bituminous-Coating Waterproofing                                       10
Concrete Block                                                                          100+
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)                                            100
Post and Pier                                                                             20 – 65
Post and Tensioned Slab on Grade                                        100+
Poured-Concrete Footings and Foundation                         100+
Slab on Grade (concrete)                                                         100
Wood Foundation                                                                     5 – 40
Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF: treated)                        75


My name is Troy Hendrickson with A-Pro Home Inspection Loudoun, VA. Since 1994, A-Pro has helped hundreds of thousands of home-buyers make smarter more informed buying decisions. I am a U.S. Army Veteran and hold several prestigious home inspector certifications CHI®, PHI®, ITI®, ISHI® and InterNachi®.

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